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How To Make Your Home Look Sensational This Summer

22nd August 2019

Although the nights are starting to close in a lot more quickly, we are still receiving around 14 hours of daylight, so there’s no hiding your home from view for the most part. Can you say with conviction that your property currently looks in great nick from the outside? If you can’t, imagine how the...

Building Regulations - What You Need To Know About Them

21st August 2019

Very few people know the very first about building regulations which is totally understandable; why would they? But, if you ever want to conduct some form of building work at your home, we cannot emphasise enough that you should do some research into building regulations approval before you even contemplate progressing with it. Your first...

Open Up Your Home This Summer With Bi-Folding Doors

22nd July 2019

Summer will be gone in the blink of an eye, so you should take every opportunity to enjoy the nice weather whilst it’s still here, especially when you’re not working and just chilling out at home. How better to do that than install a set of bi-folding doors in a currently unused section of wall...

The Fixtures And Fittings Your Conservatory Needs

15th July 2019

Carte blanche is given to you when you buy a conservatory from TWC, meaning you can determine the final design and get exactly what you want out of it.   You will though have the expertise of a TWC consultant you can use to conceive the right design. They can be your sounding board, and,...

Replacing Windows At Your Flat? Here Are Some Things To Be Aware Of

8th July 2019

Are you fed up of the cold infiltrating your flat or concerned that your existing windows aren’t offering a sufficient level of protection? Before you have them replaced, you need to know that certain permissions have to be obtained for you to be able to lawfully install replacement windows from Hazlemere. If you own your...

Why You Should Invest In An Orangery This Summer

25th June 2019

Frankly, there’s never a bad time to buy an orangery, but now would be a good time to go out and get one so that you can fully adjust to the extension before the year is over. We aren’t overplaying things when saying that it can take a few months to get used to orangery...

Find Out Why TWC Customers Are Happy Customers

20th June 2019

The home improvement industry is incredibly competitive, with hundreds of companies both locally and nationally vying for your custom. We are, of course, very biased and would say that TWC is the only company you should ever turn to for windows, doors and conservatories, for several reasons, including one big one – we make our...

Introducing Envisage, Our Stunning Flush Casement Window Range

13th June 2019

There are many window designs on the market rightly called a “classic” and the flush casement window is definitely deserving of that tag. First developed back in the 19th Century, a ‘flush’ casement is so-called because when the window (or sash) is shut, it creates a flat surface on the exterior due to the flush...

Why Move When You Could Extend Without Planning Permission?

4th June 2019

Moving home is always an exciting experience, but it’s also an expensive and stressful one too. And some people move house purely because their existing home is no longer spacious enough to accommodate their needs. If that’s the main reason you’re currently looking to swap properties, but deep down you’d love to remain where you...

How Old Is Your Door? Keep Your Home Secure With Our Tips

23rd May 2019

The windows and doors you have fitted to your home are what help to keep it secure, or at least that’s what they should do. A good number of home burglaries occur in the UK because householders have been too lackadaisical about their home security and they end up paying a heavy price for it....

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