How To Make Your Home Look Sensational This Summer

Although the nights are starting to close in a lot more quickly, we are still receiving around 14 hours of daylight, so there’s no hiding your home from view for the most part.

Can you say with conviction that your property currently looks in great nick from the outside?

If you can’t, imagine how the place is being perceived by people who come to visit over the summer holidays and those that happen to see it in passing.

You should want the house to be universally praised by all and sundry, and it will be if you make an effort to spruce it up this summer.

Get those sleeves rolled up and go about it like this…

Scrub your windows and front door clean

See your windows and front door as very much the face of your home, both very visible areas that need to be completely spotless if you want to create that all-important good first impression.  

It couldn’t be easier to clean a set of UPVC or aluminium windows or a composite door. Just grab a wet cloth to take away any dirt from the window or door frame and use a squeegee to leave any glass gleaming and streak-free.

Cleaning traditional timber windows and doors is a bit more of a challenge. Applying a fresh coat of paint may not be enough. Frames may need repairing and upgrading. It might just be easier to replace them.

Ask for a copy of our Windows and Doors brochure for some suitable replacements.

Get the gardening gear on

What’s the point of owning a garden if you don’t look after it properly?

Put the gardening gloves on and begin by removing any bits of rubbish that have blown onto your front lawn. You can then take the lawnmower to the grass to give it a cut and also strim any edges. Get into the routine of doing this every two or three weeks.

Pop along to your nearest garden centre to find some container plants and bedding plants that will add a certain amount of colour to the garden, and you could also put up a hanging basket in close proximity to your door.

Buy or hire out a power washer

When there is nothing parked on it, your driveway will be very noticeable to onlookers.

Dirt and grime will likely have become ingrained in certain parts of it and the only way to fully remove it will be to subject it to a serious amount of water pressure, which you can do by spraying it with a power washer.

If you don’t have the money to buy a power washer, you can always rent one out for a few days as the driveway will only need power washing every now and again.


Once you’re done preening the place, wait for the praise to arrive, which it inevitably will!


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