An intelligent glass roof creates a room for all seasons. Our super performance glass reflects unwanted heat back out in the summer and it welcomes warmth back in during the winter.
It’s more than just a great view that you get from a glass roof conservatory…

Intelligent energy efficient glass ensures that your new glass conservatory room is usable all year round – no matter what the weather.

Thanks to the use of modern materials and techniques, we are able to install a new glass roof conservatory quickly and without fuss. You’ll benefit from our self-cleaning roof glass – ensuring your new room looks pristine at all times.

Conservatory Living Space
Go for broke and go bespoke

Do you have a vision of how your perfect glass roof conservatory would look, inside and out? TWC is happy to invite you to fashion the design.

Nothing is off limits, as far as we’re concerned, so you can do whatever you like with a TWC glass roof conservatory. Anything is possible.

Modern Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory features

A TWC glass roof conservatory offers a contemporary style with an expanse of natural light for a fresh, modern look. Not only is it aesthetically stunning, but you will be able to enjoy spectacular exterior views.

If you can, take some measurements and photographs for us so that we can get an understanding of what’s required when we sit together at your first design appointment.

Conservatory Living Space


Our high-performance glass not only works hard to ensure the room temperature is comfortable, but also offers chance to add style thanks to our range of colour options.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


You can add lighting to our glass roof Conservatory thanks to our clever internal and external features. The internal pelmet provides the perfect place for lighting or you can add patio lights to the outside within the external soffit.


You won’t believe quite how many potential finishing touches there are for our beautiful glass roof conservatories. A TWC advisor will introduce you to the many colours, glazing options and hardware.

There’s an extra edge to the finish on an aluminium conservatory…

You cannot fail to be impressed by our aluminium finishes as they have a rich and striking texture, hence why so many customers ask for aluminium structures. Applying the aluminium finish is a painstaking procedure, that’s why it looks so good.

TWC goes through 11 stages to add these powder-coated finishes to the frames. Any less than that and they wouldn’t be as vibrant. We also specialise in woodgrain finishes if you’d like your glass roof conservatory in Walnut, Oak or Rosewood.

The glass is central to the design

We can fit a series of roof glazing to your glass roof conservatory, and as with everything else on offer at TWC, the glass is covered by our 20-year guarantee. We will come out to do annual checks on the roof for added peace of mind.

You know with a glass roof that any time you walk into your glass roof conservatory, you will be welcomed by a bright and inviting environment.

Crafted with such precision…

Our craftspeople are the best in their field and can go to extreme lengths to make sure that our traditional and contemporary handles are as smart and elegant as they can be. Using them is a pleasure.

They have incorporated a secure lock into the handles to ensure that when they’re locked, the windows won’t move.

No stress with TWC

TWC has teams of experts in everything to do with the installation, so we don’t need outside help.

We can dig the foundations, build the base, construct the dwarf wall, install the glass and roof. You will be kept up-to-date from when the installation starts to when it finishes.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory


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