There’s no reason why you should suffer from restricted light transference just because of a tiled roof as it will entice plenty of the sun indoors.
Conservatories are better off with a solid roof…

The tiled roofing systems used on our conservatories are made from the most up-to-date solid roof tile system and will protect the space from the elements so that you never feel the weather.

Both sides of a tiled roof are eye-catching, inside and outside. The gorgeously plastered vaulted ceiling is a particular highlight of it, and there is an internal pelmet, which is where spotlights and speakers can sit.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Efficiently installed

Upon knowing the necessary specifications, work will begin on manufacturing the roof, much of which will be done in our facility so that once transferred to your house, the installation process won’t take long.

Our tiled roofing system comes with contemporary aluminium ridges and hip capping as standard, and you can also upgrade to traditional tile roof capping.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Extension
Tiled roof conservatory features

Pass on your requirements to our design team and leave it to them to realise this vision in your tiled roof conservatory.

It can be helpful for your consultant to have access to some measurements and photographs at your first meeting with them so that they know what the project may entail and what we will need to do.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Living Space

Tiled Roof Insulation

The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Tiled Roof Tiles

Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Tiled Roof Glass

Available with a variety of styles and roof glazing to suit all, so you can find the best option to suit you and your home. Glass panels and Velux windows can be seamlessly integrated exactly where you want them.


Fully insulated internal Pelmet which gives a room-like feel and is ideal for downlights and speakers.


All of the finishing touches for our tiled roof conservatories have been carefully developed for this specific collection of extensions.

Both of our tile options will bring you happy extended living...

None of the problems you associate with authentic tiles will occur with our lightweight tiles as they are incredibly resilient.

Traditional slate has a tendency to crack when exposed to the elements, so we created a lightweight slate that looks like the real thing, but won’t suffer from cracking or any other aesthetic damage.

It’s the aluminium colour that captures you…

Aluminium finishes are bursting with vibrancy and they feel as good as they look. To perfect our aluminium finishes, we have to create them in 11 stages and then carefully powder-coat them onto the aluminium frames. If we did anything less than 11 stages, they would lose their unquestionable quality.

There are several woodgrains included amongst these aluminium finishes, three of them to be precise – Rosewood, Oak and Walnut.

Handcrafted handles with immense beauty…

When you see our handles, you can hopefully appreciate the level of dedication that our craftspeople have put into their design. They really have gone all out with them and added so much detail.

The handles help to keep the windows, and your home, safe as they have an in-built locking system.

TWC can take care of everything

From inception to completion, TWC has the skill and ability to manage every bit of a tiled roof conservatory installation on your behalf.

Throughout the project, TWC will keep you informed so that you know what is happening at each stage of the project and are never left in the dark.

Tiled Roof Conservatory


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