It’s all in the planning where an extension is concerned…

Choosing Your Living Space

Ask anyone who’s moved house what the experience was like, and they will likely reply with the word, “stressful”. Do yourself a favour and avoid that stress by extending your current property instead, which will cause you so much less of a headache.

Conservatory Location
Choose the perfect position

Have you pictured where you would like the extension to be positioned? Would you like it to be a private space? Are you keen to have a beautiful view from inside?

Knowing what you want will put you in a good position to select an appropriate set of windows, doors and roof and help it all come together.

Designed for your needs

It’s not every day of the week that you buy a home extension, indeed, it may be the only time you ever do it. Ensure that it captivates other people with UPVC or aluminium windows, a tiled roof and skylights.

Our website will give you a full overview of the many possibilities that we have at TWC.

Personalise your space

When you get to sit down with a consultant and watch what can be done with our 3D design software, you will realise that there are no limitations to what’s achievable. It will leave you mesmerised.

It may take some time for you to get a concrete idea of what you’d like to do due to the sheer amount of choice we have at TWC. There are so many window and door options and a variety of roof coverings for our extensions.

Conservatory Gym
Conservatory Accessories


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