At TWC, customers take receipt of a 20-year guarantee when they purchase any of our conservatories, orangeries and home extensions – how about that for cover? We know that they’re built to exceptional standards and will offer a glorious setting for two decades or more.


We don’t underestimate the financial and emotional commitment that a customer makes when they invest their money into a home extension. Any extension you buy will fulfil your expectations, you can count on that.

It’s fair to presume that every home improvement company provides a guarantee with the extensions they sell, and that’s it’s always an Insurance Backed Guarantee that they offer. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Pleasingly though for customers of TWC, we do give out a guarantee, which is both Insurance Backed and lasts for 20 years, a length of guarantee that is virtually unheard of in this industry. With the materials and components that we have at our disposal, there’s no doubt in our minds that they will last for so long.

Windows Guarantee


TWC has a responsibility to care for the environment and our 20-year guarantee is just one element of how we do that. We also drafted an Environmental Policy many years ago in which we outlined our continuous effort to put the welfare of the planet first when producing our line of products.

This may be the only time that you buy a home extension, so it’s important that everything is done right and it gives you the value that you expect. A 20-year guarantee will hopefully fill you with the confidence you need.

Windows Guarantee


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