A bi-folding door will open up all sorts of possibilities…

It’s amazing how little framework there is in an aluminium bi-folding door replacement as it predominantly consists of glass to give you the most incredible internal or external views, depending on whether you’re standing inside or outside. It will be the first thing that you want to show to house guests. When pushed open, the various door sections discreetly fold away to leave you with a mammoth opening. These accordion style doors make a real impact on any home they’re added to, if you’re looking to make a statement bi-folding doors are the ones for you.

Anthracite Grey Bi-Folding Doors

In a closed position, a bi-folding door will still enhance home living as you will get so much natural light travelling in, and the view it offers will mesmerise you. Affixed to a bi-fold door is the very latest state-of-the-art hardware, so you can rest in the knowledge that your bi-folding door will be secure and easily operational.

Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Fold Doors

You will be left astounded by the simplicity of making an aluminium bi-folding door move from one end of the track to the other. Any home would be better off with some.

If you’d like to discover more about our aluminium bi-folding doors, the hotspots should have the information you need.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold Frame

Our Bi-Fold frames boast maximum warmth and security and slide effortlessly to the side to make the most of your space. You can even incorporate a discreet passenger door for everyday entry.

Bi-Fold hardware

Our Bi-Fold Door Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Bi-Fold Easy Glide System

The sliding operation of a bi-folding door relies on a high-quality stainless-steel track on which quad rollers, which are fitted to the door leafs, glide along in elegant fashion. The same quad rollers are fitted with a small brush on one end to keep the tracks free of dust and dirt.

Bi-Fold Low Threshold

Low level thresholds increase the ease of access for everyone involved. An optional outer and inner ramp can be added on to the threshold to further enhance the accessibility for wheelchair users.

Why keep home and garden separate when you can blend the two together?

When you are fortunate enough to have a back garden it makes sense to utilise it as often as possible and you certainly will when aluminium bi-folding doors are incorporated into available wall space.

Bi-folding doors are so nice to look at and they’re just as pleasurable to operate as the various sections elegantly glide and then fold as they’re manoeuvred along the running track. When pushed the whole way open you’re guaranteed a very sizable opening between home and garden.

Eclipse Aluminum Door Security


We can commence with designing and manufacturing your aluminium bi-folding doors once we know what coloured finish, glazing and hardware you want.

Bi-folding doors can be adapted to fit into your living space…

You may only have a certain amount of space to accommodate a set of bi-folding doors, but that shouldn’t cause us much of an issue as the doors can be specially configured for it.

We have provided bi-folding doors that offer a direct link between a house and living space and that also create a handy passage into a garden area.

Colours galore – find a favourite...

We have a lot of configuration options, but we have an even wider selection of coloured finishes including sublimated woodgrain finishes of Walnut, Rosewood and Oak and multiple powder-coated finishes.

When one colour just isn’t enough, toy with the idea of having a dual-colour finish. Just as it implies, it lets you have one colour on one side of the frame and a different colour on the other.

Fancy handling such an exquisitely designed set of handles?

The configuration of a bi-folding door will determine a suitable choice of handle. You will need a master handle for pass doors and integrated French doors. This has a cylinder lock inside of it and will engage in tandem with the entirety of the locking system when the bi-folding door is in a closed position.

Each individual section of the bi-folding door uses both a D-handle and an intermediate handle. The role of the intermediate handle is to release the folding panes from the door when in the course of opening and re-engage them when closing. A D-handle is used to either push or pull the folding panes. Our hardware range includes traditional and modern master handles and colour matched intermediate and D-handles.


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