Offering maximum energy savings for your home with triple glazed windows.
Triple glazing is an upgrade with incredible value for money...

Rely on TWC’s triple glazed windows to keep you and your family warm without you constantly needing to crank up the thermostat. Yes, investment in a set of replacement windows doesn’t come cheap, but you must remember that the cost savings made could well eventually cover the investment.

Energy bills are only expected to rise further in the future and the last thing you want is to have to bear the brunt of them. New triple glazed windows will ensure that you don’t. We use a soft coat of glass in our triple glazed windows as it prevents excessive heat loss and reflects any internal heat back into the house.

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40% more thermally efficient...

The very best A-rated windows struggle to compete with triple glazed windows in the thermal efficiency stakes as triple glazing offers 40% greater thermal efficiency. Never again will energy bills eat your finances like they did once you have commissioned a triple glazed installation for your property.

Did you know that a traditional set of windows are usually responsible for around 25% of heat lost from the home? Triple glazed windows will significantly reduce this figure and enable you to become less dependent on your central heating, causing your energy bills to take a tumble in price.

Triple Glazing Windows
Features and benefits of triple glazing...

Triple glazed windows cannot perform to the levels that our triple glazed designs achieve unless they’re built using the very best components. They also contain a multi-chambered UPVC profile, warm edge spacer bars, soft-coat glass and Argon gas. These elements all work together to make householders less reliant on their heating.

The brilliantly low U-value of a triple glazed window will also help you to cut your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment.

Triple Glazing Windows
Home comfort levels will immediately rise upon the installation of triple glazing...

Why allow the weather outside to dictate comfort levels in your house? There is no reason why freezing temperatures should force you into covering up indoors when you can solve the issue simply by replacing your old windows for the latest triple glazed equivalents.

All those cold spots you used to feel in certain parts of your home will disappear and you will be doing your bit for the environment, as these new energy efficient windows will lower your carbon emissions. The most important thing though is the increased standard of insulation will warm up the whole family for the next two decades or so.

Triple Glazing Windows
A three paned window is much harder to break than a single or double-glazed window...

Any responsible householder should regard home security as a top priority. If you are at all anxious about home security, it is imperative that you have secure windows fitted and triple glazed windows can most certainly be classed as that. They are internally glazed to prevent the possibility of the glass panes being removed on the outside and they feature a hi-tech and sophisticated locking mechanism.

Leaving the place empty will be much less of a worry for you once triple glazing is installed as you can trust it to keep the house out of the clutches of anyone daring enough to attempt breaking in.

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There are many ways to customise your triple glazed window from TWC. Please don’t feel like you’re on your own with your decision-making – we can help you find the perfect colour, glazing and hardware.

UPVC triple glazed windows can be finished in either a textured woodgrain or smooth surface finish...

You will probably be shocked when you discover just how many possible finishes you can have for your new triple glazed windows. Of course, we have the usual standard UPVC colours such as White, Whitegrain and Black; it would be amiss if we didn’t! But alongside them are newer favourites like Chartwell Green, Grey and Irish Oak, and they look superb when specially applied to the frames.

An 11-stage powder coating process to provide a long-lasting finish...

Our 11-stage process ensures your aluminium windows remain as vibrant as the day it was installed. Finding a colour to match your property will be so simple as we have the perfect mix of traditional colours and emerging favourites. Trial different colours with one of our consultants to discover a shade you love.

We have the perfect glazing for your requirements...

Every part of your window matters, not least the glazing. The glazing you choose can make a big difference to the look of your window and it can really impact its performance too. Whether you choose privacy glazing or clear glazing, we can help you find new windows that satisfy all your expectations.

Privacy Glazing – In certain areas of your home, such as your bathroom and ground-level windows, you may require an extra level of privacy. An option for both double and triple glazed windows, our privacy glazing ensures you get the privacy you require, without compromising on natural light.

Both traditional and contemporary styles available...

With a secure locking system built in, our craftspeople have perfected the design of our handles to seamlessly incorporate style with functionality. Our customers can expect easy to use, stylish hardware from The Window Centre.

We have a variety of classic and modern hardware solutions that we can affix to your window design. Just speak to one of our advisors for details.


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Are you thinking about installing triple glazing in your home? To help you decide if it’s right for you we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our replacement windows below. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our team or visit our showroom for advice.

What window frames work with triple glazing?

TWC sells triple glazed windows in UPVC and aluminium.

Customisation of TWC’s replacement window designs even extends to the material the product is built from and you have a choice between UPVC and aluminium in just about any style.

Buyers on a strict budget will find UPVC to be a cost-effective option, not that aluminium is overly expensive, it just happens to have a higher price point as it’s more costly to manufacture.

UPVC triple glazed window frames can include either a textured woodgrain or smooth surface finish and their aluminium equivalents accommodate powder-coated finishes applied in 11 stringent stages.

Triple glazing may have an extra layer of glass compared to double glazing, but UPVC and aluminium possess the strength to hold the extra weight and retain their structure.

How much energy can triple glazing save?

Look past the extra cost of triple glazing and focus on the potential savings.

We’re all out to save money on our energy bills and triple glazed windows can cheapen the cost of yours. They’re around 10 to 20 per cent more expensive than double glazing, however, don’t let that put you off, not when there’s added money to be saved.

A-rated windows have strong thermal qualities, but triple glazed windows can provide almost double the amount of thermal efficiency – up to 40% more to be precise – coming with a multi-chambered UPVC profile, warm edge spacer bars, soft-coat glass and Argon gas.

Building Regulations stipulate that modern windows should have a U-value of no less than 1.6. The average U-value of a triple glazed window ranges from just 0.8-0.5 – impressively low.

Research tells us that around 25% of heat loss from homes occurs through inefficient windows and it can be a much-reduced percentage if triple glazed windows are in situ. Put it this way, your heating system won’t be relied on to the extent it may be at present as the windows will retain considerably more of the heat it produces.

Is triple glazing more secure than double glazing?

Your safety comes first, and triple glazing is a step up from double glazing from a security standpoint.

When exiting our home for work or a holiday, you need full confidence it has what it takes to repel thieves from unlawful entry. Your windows are a first line of defence and the latest double glazed and triple glazed windows will make a break-in attempt mighty hard work for burglars, especially the latter of the two.

Both solutions are internally glazed to prevent the glass panes being removed from outside, but it’s a triple glazed window that has one-up on a double glazed window in that regard because it features three panes for thieves to try and navigate, not just two.

Toughened glass is utilised and it’s difficult to put a dent in it no matter what object you strike it with. Triple glazed windows’ resilient hardware and enhanced safety features are an extra deterrent.

Do you get condensation on triple glazed windows?

A formation of external condensation on a triple glazed window is a good sign.

Condensation on the outside of triple glazed windows is no cause for alarm and visible proof that the windows are extremely energy efficient, offering the thermal performance that they should.

To explain, the outer glass will have cooled overnight due to a dropping in temperature and less heat reaching it from the inside of the house. By the morning, particularly at the end of autumn and the start of winter, the air outside will have warmed up and it’s this that sees water droplets appear on the cold glazed surface.

A triple glazed window’s three panes are each separated by argon or krypton gas, and they assist in restricting temperature variations between the inside and outside surfaces, reducing condensation.

Less heat will escape, and the eradication of internal condensation enhances air quality within homes as it removes a possible build-up of mould.

That extra layer of glass can make a genuine difference.

What are the benefits of triple glazing?

Triple glazing is making waves in the UK replacement window market.

Uptake of triple glazed windows is quickly growing in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and it’s the realisation of their benefits amongst the public that’s behind this increased popularity.

Two air gaps are present in a triple glazed window unit and the extra air gap that it has over a double glazed window gives you extra protection against cold external air.

40% greater thermal efficiency than some of the finest A-rated double glazed windows and an exceptionally low U-Value is also a secret of triple glazing’s heightened success. Its superior thermal efficiency diminishes internal condensation.

Three panes of glass are a great defence mechanism against intruders too, very hard work to break through, amplifying home security.
For a triple glazed window to reduce noise from outside, its three panes need to have differing thicknesses, worth noting if you want replacement windows for the purpose of cutting the audibility of external sounds.


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