TWC leads the way when it comes to our guarantee as it lasts for an unrivalled 20 years. Just imagine that, two decades of cover for your new roof, over which time you know it won’t let you down.


Having a new roof added to your conservatory is a decision not to be made lightly as it will have a lasting impact. Never be sold into cutting any corners or compromising on performance so that you’re not left disappointed.

We find it astounding that some roof companies fail to provide a guarantee to their customers. What’s equally staggering is the number of companies offering a non-Insurance Back guarantee. At TWC, our 20-year is Insurance Backed and is so because our manufacturing standards are so high and the components used to build our roofs are so reliable.

Windows Guarantee


The length of our guarantee is also a demonstration of our undying commitment to the environment, as you will read about in our Environmental Policy. This document was drawn up to detail how TWC does its very best to create products that minimise over consumption and carbon emissions.

Most people will only replace their conservatory roof once, if only because of the cost involved. That’s why a 20-year guarantee is the very least you should expect for a new roof, a product that should help you make great energy savings and improve your standard of conservatory living.

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