High-quality UPVC replacement front and rear doors…

It’s amazing just how much of a change UPVC doors can make to not just an entrance, but an entire home. For how little it costs and how quickly a UPVC door can be fitted, it’s got to be one of the best home improvements you can make.

Built from a resilient UPVC material and using equally resilient and dependable components, our UPVC doors aren’t just a sight to behold in terms of their beauty, but they’re also wonderfully secure. Whether you’re looking for a UPVC front door or a different style, we’re confident we have the perfect replacement door for your home that will last for years to come.

White UPVC Door

As a TWC customer, you can anticipate being giving a very personalised service, one that is geared towards leaving you fully satisfied and deliriously happy with your investment. Everything will be efficiently organised, from creating the design to carrying out the final installation. We will be here for you too once the installation has been completed, a fundamental element of our aftercare service.

UPVC Doors
UPVC Doors
Secure UPVC Doors

It’s safety first in our UPVC doors, which have all the very latest secure components in them. Further secure add-ons can be included for extra peace of mind.

As an introduction to the UPVC door, we invite you to click on the hotspots opposite and find out more about the product.

UPVC Doors

UPVC Panel Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.

UPVC Panel Hinges

Anti-crowbar technology that delivers ultimate strength. Horizontal and vertical adjustment that results in 360-degree compression on seals for weather tightness.

UPVC Panel Security

Featuring our robust shootbolt locking system, you can rest assured your UPVC Panel Doors will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

UPVC Panel hardware

Our UPVC Panel Doors come with a range of hardware including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.
Aesthetically-pleasing and a superb performing door...

TWC has access to market-leading technology and the very best door components, relying on them both when developing our range of UPVC doors.

Added as a replacement door at the front or back of your house, a UPVC door will significantly strengthen home security and relieve any stress about potential intrusion. The interior of your house will also be warmed by its addition, with the living temperature feeling more comfortable.

UPVC Front Door
UPVC Front Blue Door
Entrance Porch


On a first-time visit to a house, it’s the front door that often attracts your eye first and if it’s an Extreme UPVC door, well, you couldn’t fail to be impressed by it.

Colours for both sides of the door...

The UPVC front and back door panels can be finished in Golden Oak, White and Rosewood, and the door frames can be colour-matched with them. For a mainly glass door, without any panelling, the colour options are more extensive. There’s also textured and patterned glass available and many hardware solutions that you can either look to copy or contrast the colour.

The handle will inject added style…

When the time comes to furnish a UPVC door, choosing a handle will be amongst the choices you have to make. Our handles come in various colours and styles.

We offer so much choice that it’s impossible not to find a handle that you love looking at and using.

A UPVC door depends on its hardware...

The outstanding performance that a UPVC door offers is somewhat down to the hardware that’s included in its design, namely its locking system, hinges, letterbox etc. The coloured finishes for our hardware are consistent with the coloured finishes for the door itself. Breaking open a locked UPVC door is a tough job for anyone, however they try to force it.