How To Get Windows And Doors Looking Fantastically Festive

How to decorate your windows and doors for Christmas

Santa sure is sneaking up on us with there now fewer than 20 days left until he navigates his way down our chimneys. 

After a particularly tricky year, we believe that everyone deserves the most fabulous festive period and what will get you right in the mood is adding Christmas decorations to your windows and doors. 

Of course, the tree needs to go up first, but once that’s done, turn your focus to these most integral features of your house and give them some seasonal sparkle.

Wreaths for doors AND windows

It’s now a Christmas custom to have a wreath on your front door, a wondrous sight for guests when they arrive on Christmas morning. 

In America, they like to put wreaths on their windows too, a trend that we reckon will begin catching on in this country, so you could be ahead of the game by having them. 

They like using window wreaths with a red bow on them, which will provide a great festive feel to the inside and outside.

A front door with a Christmas wreath

Fairy lights, lanterns and candles

You’re going to need lights to show off your Winter Wonderland at night. 

You could drape battery-powered lights around your windows, place a series of door lanterns close to your doorstep and reserve a spot in your front window for a brightly-lit advent calendar. 

Using lights and candles won’t eat into your Christmas spends too much and the light they emit will make your living space feel wonderfully cosy.

Christmas lanterns

Christmas ornaments

Over the years, you tend to accumulate a serious number of Christmas ornaments. Well, it’s time to dust them all off and put them on display. 

Maybe your kids made a clay snowman when they were younger or you have an old Nativity scene that’s something of a family relic, which can both sit on a windowsill somewhere prominent. 

To create a Christmassy flower display, buy some poinsettias and pop them in a vase or two, sometimes referred to as the Christmas Star due to the shape of their leaves.

Christmas ornaments

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