Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer

Envisage the scene. It’s gloriously warm and sunny outside and you, the rest of your family, and your closest friends, are at your home and all experiencing glamorous extended living in the exotic setting that a conservatory or orangery provides for the very first time – sounds idyllic doesn’t it!

2018 was the joint hottest summer in the UK, and like many others, you may be looking to expand with a conservatory or orangery in the hope that summer this time around follows a similar pattern.

If this is your wish and intention, we advise that you commission the installation of the extension now, rather than wait until the weather starts to improve. Why? It will all make sense when you read on…

Preparation is key

Think about it. You’re only likely to buy a home extension once and it will be a permanent fixture at your house, so you want it to be exactly right.

The planning and designing of an extension isn’t something that should be rushed. It takes to time to perfect an extension and it will involve the taking of extensive measurements and determining the ideal position of the structure, before any building work starts.

You should also be provided with a 3D visual of the design to get a firm idea of how the completed design will look once integrated into your home.

Planning permission

When the extension does not enjoy Permitted Development Rights you will have to obtain planning permission and submit a planning application to your local authority.

On average, it takes around eight weeks to find out whether your application has been successful, but when it’s a large or complex project, you could be left waiting for up to 13 weeks for a response.

Don’t automatically presume that permission will be granted either and account for any potential delays. You may need to make adjustments to the proposed design to bring it in line with the rules and then submit a further application.

Adjust to conservatory living

There’s no exaggeration when we say that it can take some time to adjust to extended living as the extension will be incomparable to any other room in your house.

Getting yourself accustomed to it over the coming months will ensure that using the space effectively becomes second nature by the time summer finally arrives.

You can play around with layouts and furniture arrangements until you find the dream setup and something you are comfortable with.


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