National Home Security Month – How You Can Protect Your Home

The dark winter months can never come round quickly enough for the nation’s burglars, and now that they’re almost here, you need to be sure that your property is secure enough to shut thieves out.

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Burglaries rise by as much as 25% in the autumn and winter months.

To emphasise the importance of home security in autumn / winter to UK householders, the month of October is National Home Security Month, as has been the case annually since 2013.

Too many people make the mistake of believing their home will never be targeted by thieves, but there’s unfortunately always a burglary victim somewhere nearby, so make sure your place isn’t next on their list!

It’s less likely to be if you put TWC’s three home security tips into practice:

  1. Fit a replacement front door

According to research carried out by MoneySuperMarket, 74% of burglars break in through the front door.

Test the strength and resilience of your existing front door now by locking it and giving it a firm push. If you notice any movement in the door, you should upgrade to a composite door, or another equally modern and tough replacement door, with an advanced locking mechanism.

  1. Install an alarm system

You would guess that the vast majority of UK homes have a burglar alarm. Wrong!

Smart home security experts, Yale, recently discovered that 70 per cent of Brits don’t have a burglar alarm in their home.

It’s an amazing statistic considering the invaluable audible deterrent a quality alarm can provide when an attack is detected.

An alarm will pay for itself if it stops someone stealing your stuff.

  1. Make your house look occupied

You can’t be in your house all of the time, so when you do have to exit for work or a night out, keep a car on the drive and set the timer on your lights to create the impression someone is in.

When away for a long spell, ask a friend or relative if they can house-sit and do things like remove your post from the letterbox and open and close the curtains.


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