The Fixtures And Fittings Your Conservatory Needs

Carte blanche is given to you when you buy a conservatory from TWC, meaning you can determine the final design and get exactly what you want out of it.  

Conservatory Glass Roofs

You will though have the expertise of a TWC consultant you can use to conceive the right design. They can be your sounding board, and, of course, they are happy to interject with ideas, if you want them.

Fixtures and fittings for the conservatory will be covered at some point in your discussions. Unaware what fixtures and fittings are?

Here’s the dictionary definition of them:

A fixture is an item that’s either attached, or fixed to the structure, while a fitting is the completely opposite and something that’s neither attached nor fixed.

They’re indispensable really as fixtures and fittings help to give a conservatory character and they can be used to decorate the space and make it functional.

To make things clearer, these are the types of fixtures and fittings you would be well advised to include:  

  • Light fittings
  • Plug sockets
  • Units (shelves, cupboards)
  • Fixed furniture
  • Blinds
  • Mirrors
  • Sofas
  • Lampshades

Don’t see this as a definitive list of fixtures and fittings, but it will hopefully provide you with an indication of what’s required. Anything not covered here will be brought up in conversation by your consultant.

If we were to narrow it down to three fixtures and fittings you should be particularly concentrate on, we would say they should be furniture, blinds and lighting.  


It’s such a nice feeling getting to relax inside your conservatory, but to do that, you need plenty of seating options. If you want a sofa, or a set of chairs will do, we would preference rattan furniture because it’s fade-resistant and you have to do very little to clean it.


To afford yourself some privacy at times, and to stop the glare from the sun dazzling your eyes, install some stylish blinds. You should measure up your windows before going out and buying some. You won’t believe just how many different types of blinds there are and how many different colours and patterns they’re available in.


You won’t want to limit conservatory usage just to the daytime. Long nights spent in the conservatory will be just as pleasurable when you can illuminate the interior via integrated spotlights or some glamorous chandelier hung from the ceiling.


More of the fixtures and fittings you might want to consider for inclusion in your conservatory design can be seen on our Inspirations page. These are all projects completed by TWC.  






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