Are Solid Tiled Roofs Worth Investing In?

Are you at breaking point with your conservatory, fed up of only getting an opportunity to use it every now and again when all you want to do is enjoy it at your leisure? You’re certainly not on your own as there are hundreds of householders in Wiltshire in exactly the same boat sharing that same frustration.

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

A solution has been developed in recent years and it doesn’t involve knocking the extension down and starting from scratch – it’s called a solid tiled roof. The addition of a solid tiled roof to your old conservatory will improve the thermal efficiency offered by the extension as it contains layers of insulation inside.

Simple and quick to install due to it being predominantly pre-fabricated off-site, a solid tiled roof can be modelled to fit any conservatory style and offers beautiful aesthetics thanks to the stylish, authentic tiles utilised.

There’ll be no more sizzling in summer or trembling in winter when you rush into a solid tiled roof conservatory as and when it pleases you.

It is most definitely worth the investment for that reason but before you rush to get one you need to be aware that changing your current glass or translucent roof for a solid tiled roof requires certain approvals first to conform with Building Regulations.

You might only need planning permission but replacing a translucent roof for a solid tiled roof usually also needs Building Regulatory Approval too as its installation will change the classification of the structure from “a temporary structure” to a permanent one and result in a “change of use”.

Even if you obtained planning permission for the fitting of your existing glass roof you will still need to go through this procedure as permission will have originally been granted on the basis of the conservatory having a glass roof.

Checks should also be done to ensure that the vertical frames are capable of coping with the weight of a brand new roof as you wouldn’t want the solid tiled roof installation to cause the structure to collapse.


We have a selection of replacement roof options at TWC. Prior to installing any of them we will conduct a thorough survey to check that your conservatory can handle it.






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