The Benefits Of Replacing Your Existing Conservatory Roof With A Solid Roof

From constantly being in their conservatory this summer, some conservatory owners will spend very little time in their extension in winter as it’s just far too cold when temperatures are low. It’s an unfortunate situation as a conservatory would be a spectacular place to host the Christmas dinner and festive celebrations.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The windows will be partly responsible for letting cold enter into the space as they may offer poor insulation, but it’s the roofing system that will be the root cause of the problem as traditional glass / polycarbonate roofs have very low thermal efficiency levels.

In the majority of situations these roofing systems can be replaced with a solid roof, so long as the existing windows / base can cope with the weight of a new roof.

The installation of a quality solid roof will turn a chilly conservatory into a cosy one and do much more than that too…

Lower heating costs

Improved insulation will lead to a reduced reliance on heating and less heating usage will cause a significant reduction in heating costs as heating old conservatories can be really expensive. The energy savings made will be big enough to cover the original cost of the solid roof, so buying one is a no-brainer.

Authentic aesthetics

You can have a solid roof supplied with either lightweight tiles or slates. These faux tiles and slates are modelled on traditional tiles and slates and come in traditional colours, so they look virtually the same as the real thing. Once the roof has been incorporated into the design you would honestly think by looking at it that it is the original roof and not a replacement.

Excellent light transference

The addition of a solid roof without roof windows will result in a loss of natural light inside the structure because of the presence of those tiles / slates. If this is a concern then one or more roof windows can be included in the roof covering to ensure that lots of natural sunlight can enter into the space and illuminate the interior.

Restores value

Research has shown that a conservatory installation can add around an average 7 per cent to the value of a property, but that won’t be the case if the conservatory is unusable for much of the year. Once thermal efficiency has been restored via a solid roof, the conservatory will become an invaluable place again and this will be reflected in the valuation of a house.


Much of the work involved in creating a solid roof takes place away from the relevant home to simplify the installation process once it’s ready to be fitted. Most of the time it only takes us a few hours to make a solid roof watertight and finalising the fitting only takes a few days – this will cause minimum disruption at the house.

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