Are Your Windows Doing A Bad Job Of Keeping The Weather Out?

The very last place you want to be feeling the cold in winter is in your home. After being outside in chilly conditions and walking through your front door, there’s no nicer feeling than entering into a wonderfully cosy living room. 

If you get the total opposite feeling when returning home, it will largely be the fault of your windows.

The explanation for that is pretty simple – they aren’t insulating the space effectively and managing to keep out draughts. 

This is a very common problem with original single glazed timber windows in particular. So, what you should do to resolve the issue is fit new double or triple glazed energy efficient windows from TWC. 

All of our replacement window products, such as our EXTREME window range, will make draughts a distant memory and perfectly insulate each room where they’re installed, keeping you wonderfully toasty.

Improved insulation isn’t the only thing they’ll offer…

Cheaper energy bills

The cost of living in this country isn’t getting any cheaper, but your energy bills will become a whole lot cheaper following a window upgrade. 

That’s because new energy efficient windows will do much of the work to instil comfort indoors, rather than all the onus resting on your boiler to warm up your living area. 

Only a small amount of warmth need be emitted by the boiler as the windows will keep it trapped for a lengthy period, allowing you to cut boiler usage, and, subsequently, enjoy less expensive energy bills.

Greater security

Even the tiniest of flaws in your current windows will be successfully exploited by thieves, and the risk of you being a victim of burglary is far higher in winter. 

You need a reliable locking mechanism, and each window we sell has a multi-point lock affixed to it, as well as being internally beaded and having a resilient frame surround. 

The chances of someone managing to force open our windows when they’re locked are slim to say the least. 

No more noise

Are you regularly disturbed by outdoor traffic or loud passers-by? Energy efficient windows can also act as a defence mechanism against noise, so long as they are correctly specified. 

The extra pane/s of glass in a double or triple glazed window can make a big difference and make noise less of a hindrance. 


You’d be mad not to replace your windows now, not just because of the weather, but also because TWC is offering them with up to 50 percent off, and you could have them fitted in time for Christmas**. Further details of this amazing deal can be found on our Special Offers page.  

**Christmas installation is only available for a limited period and maybe subject planning and weather conditions – hurry to secure your installation date.



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