Two TWC Window & Door Projects That Revived Home Love Affairs

Two TWC Window & Door Projects That Revived Home Love Affairs

It’s no wonder we love our homes so much when you think about how much time you spend within them, the sentimental items they hold, and everything that goes on inside an abode.

You can fall out of love with your house though, which is sad. However, enhancements to it like replacement windows and doors can bring home love stories back to life, something we’re only too aware of.

The Fuller family and Mrs Geall have experienced this for themselves and it was TWC’s cutting-edge window and door products that revived any lost fondness for where they live.

For the month of romance, here is how they got their fairytale endings.

A fresh start for the Fullers

10 years on from taking up residence in a 30-year-old property, the Fullers felt an increased chill around it and looked to equivalently styled replacement windows to cut it out.

They quickly reevaluated their idea of sticking to the existing window style after being introduced to TWC’s flush casement windows in our showroom, which they believed would further amplify the property’s aesthetic appeal.

It was an ingenious choice based on the feedback they’ve received from friends and neighbours, who have been unanimous in their admiration for the windows, plus the draughtiness has gone!

The Fullers are also benefiting from the insulation and security of a new solid core door to go with the windows.

A white flush casement window

Happy ever after

“TWC were so thorough in the groundwork for the project and it told us that they weren’t going to rush things and were nothing but committed to doing a proper job. Any measurements they took were bang on and the survey was extremely detailed.

“The time they put in is reflected in the exceptional standard of the finished work. Both the casements and new door have brought supreme elegance to the house and look very different to what you normally see.

“Unkind weather failed to halt the guys from getting on with things and TWC should be proud of their effort.”

A white UPVC window with shutters

Aluminium alleviates long-running issues

Built in the 1930’s by an architect, Mrs Geall’s home was let down by its old, mullioned metal leaded windows, several of which leaked, and were all very difficult and costly to maintain.

Unsure if there was a solution, we gave reassurance there was and suggested our Eclipse aluminium windows as they would be largely maintenance-free, draught-free, and because of their narrow frame, bring more light into the house, another yearning desire of Mrs Geall.

Convinced that we had the experience to successfully manage the project undertaking, she gave us her blessing to oversee the window replacement and also upgrade her extension with a new roof.

Mrs Geall and a family member observing their new windows

Praise for all-embracing service

“All together, the house is quieter, so the windows have eliminated a lot of noise and help tremendously with cleaning.

“It’s much better as we can open and shut the windows now which we couldn’t do before for fear of them falling out and it’s more comfortable, cheaper to heat, and has modernised the house too.

“They came and checked everything was okay a year and a half later – what more can you ask for? It’s a wonderful house and the windows are the biggest improvement. We have not regretted our decision.”

Eclipse aluminium window

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