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There’s nothing quite like being at home, even more so than normal at the present time. The time should be sailing by if you love your home, so if it’s not, perhaps you don’t quite love it as much as you ought to. 

That can soon be rectified though, no matter what type of home you live in. The four walls within every cottage, studio apartment, townhouse etc. can be transformed, with all manner of potentials waiting to be discovered. 

Accomplishing those potentials requires some work on your part, involving a mix of TLC and DIY. 

If you want some ideas of what’s achievable, home influencers always offer some great advice, as we’ve found out when using some of their ideas to come up with this ‘Homespiration’ for our customers:

Move to an open-plan arrangement

Home buyers often raise eyebrows when they visit a property and discover that it doesn’t have an open-plan area somewhere inside it, which shows just how popular open-plan living is nowadays. 

Whether it’s to appeal to buyers or just a long-held desire of yours, you could remodel your living space to incorporate an open-plan area into it, no matter if you live in an old Victorian terrace or semi-detached house.

The atmosphere is always very different in an open-plan space to the atmosphere in a traditional room, so bear that in mind, and also ensure that it delivers on the practicality front. You should also aim to make it bright and spacious, without it affecting the privacy you get inside.

Make up a window seat

We all need a bit of peace and quiet in our lives from time to time, and one of your windows could be the place to get it. 

Whereas in winter you might take to an armchair next to the fire, in summer you would be much better to rest up on a seat in a window.

All you need is a window with enough room underneath for either a bench or trunk to fit (bay windows make good window seats) so that you can add a padded base and some cushions to it and curl up comfortably. 

It’ll be a great spot to read a book or just look out at the world.

Split your garden into zones

It’s highly unlikely that we will be allowed to holiday abroad this summer, but you can certainly holiday at home. 

Anyone who owns a garden and opts for home holidaying needs to make the most of their green space, and if it’s rather large, it could be best splitting it into zones.

One area should be specifically reserved for eating outdoors, with another dedicated for the kids where they can splash around in their paddling pool or take a run and jump down a water slide. 

We would also create an area where you can purely relax, whether that’s laying on a sunbed or doing some camping in your tents.

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