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Let The Outside In With Our Back Door Range

It has been a rather up and down summer in terms of the weather, but there have been some really pleasant spells, and hopefully there’s more of them to come before summer is completely out.

Aluminium Patio Doors

During these warm and sunny periods, wouldn’t it be nice if you had the option of opening out your living space and bringing the outside inside?

It can very easily be made possible with the integration of a set of bi-folding doors, sliding patio doors or French doors into the bit of wall that occupies the space between your home and garden.

Three very different door offerings

Looks-wise, there are significant disparities between bi-folds, patio doors and French doors, and they’re also functionally different too.

Bi-folding doors collectively fold like a concertina as they are pushed open; while a patio door has a fixed pane and one other that you can manoeuvre in a sideward motion. As for French doors, they offer a double opening (either inwards or outwards).

If you want the largest possible opening and have the wall space to accommodate it, a 7 pane bi-folding door is available from TWC, but all of our back doors provide cute little openings.

When they are open, you will love the feel of fresh air from outside filling your internal space, and it will also help turn your interior and garden / patio areas into one communal setting.

Eliminating the barrier that previously existed between the two places will completely open up the house and give you all the encouragement you need to put on a barbecue or top up your tan outdoors.

Compatible with home extensions

If you own a conservatory or orangery, it probably faces out on to your garden. Bi-folds, patio doors and French doors can also be incorporated in these types of structures if you want to open yours out.


Make the trip to our Swindon showroom to experience what it would be like to have bi-folds, patio doors or French doors as a permanent presence in your home.



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