How To Get Your Home Feeling Suitably Spacious Again

Make More Space At Home

It can be a major cause of frustration for a homeowner when they have very little space in their property, a problem you may face yourself.

With the cost of living the highest it’s been for years, moving to a bigger house or buying some form of extension e.g. conservatory or orangery, might not be a possibility for the moment.

What you can do is see if these tips from TWC help you to gain the space you need – we’ve confidence that they could well do.


You tend to accumulate more and more ‘stuff’ the longer you live in a house and very rarely take the time to declutter, which can leave rooms full to bursting.

Get into the habit of doing it every few months and deciding what items you can dispose of, donate or recycle so that they stop taking up precious floor and wall space.

You want to also try out different furniture configurations in areas like your living room to see if you can find a new layout that creates more space.

A woman decluttering the house

Flush casement windows

There will be an openness to rooms that receive a healthy amount of natural light and have light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces in the right places.

For those rooms where there’s an absence of light, consider having flush casement windows installed as a replacement for your existing windows.

The reason why is because their profile is so slim and incorporates more glass than windows with bulky framework. This large glazed surface area gives the sun more of a passage indoors.

Flush Casement Windows

Large glass door

You should be out in the garden for most of the summer if the weather delivers and how great would it be to access it through a bi-folding door or alternative sliding door!

These styles of feature doors open and close with such simplicity and also have slender frames, making them also wholly glazed.

Left fully or partly open, or closed, they will be superb for light transference and make the nearest room feel wonderfully roomy.

Large glazed doors in an extension

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