3 Home Trends That Are Destined To Be Hot In 2021

Do you have extra time on your hands at the moment? You could spend some of it conceiving ideas of how to improve your home, and then proceed with doing it.

If you struggle coming up with possibilities, go in search of inspiration online, or imitate anything you love that your friends and family have done at their own homes. 

To get the cogs turning over in your mind, TWC has unearthed a trio of trends that will be massive this year, which you could then incorporate into your home improvement plans.


It’s a difficult time right now for us all, so it’s no wonder that many are opting to introduce the cottagecore theme in their living spaces. 

Cottagecore gives off such a comforting feel and is inspired by the countryside lifestyle, a place that instantly makes us think of farmlife, greenery and the cutest of cottages. 

You don’t have to live out in the country to enjoy cottagecore. Display fancy china on dressers, floral patterns on walls, and buy a traditional farmhouse dining table for the kitchen.

Home Offices

The pandemic has forced millions of workers to abandon their normal workplaces and move to homeworking, and that’s set to be the case for a while longer yet. 

No great surprise then that enquiries for home offices have massively jumped in recent months as workers look for a more permanent and more practical alternative to their makeshift office in the bedroom or attic. 

Insist on a bespoke design when investing in a home office so that you get exactly what you need to work productively.


2021 will be the year of the ‘shelfie’.

Whereas a ‘selfie’ is a self-shot mug shot on a mobile phone, a ‘shelfie’ is a close-up picture of a pretty shelf in a house that’s covered from top to bottom in different objects, such as ceramics, glassware, porcelain and candles. 

There needs to be a logical arrangement of the items, and their respective colours, on your chosen shelf for your shelfie to be a hit on social media.

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