3 Home Trends That Will Be Hot In 2022

Home trends for 2022

It would seem that many local householders have made improving their home a priority in 2022, judging by the number of enquiries we have recently received. 

Are you about to embark on a home improvement project of your own? 

If you are, it would be helpful for you to firstly know about some of the biggest expected home trends of the year, so that you can upgrade your property in the most fashionable manner. 

TWC has done its homework and scouted online to uncover what trends people will be going mad over these next 12 months, from key colours to design themes.

Multi-functional spaces

We’ve really pushed our homes to the limit since the pandemic, having to get more out of them than ever before. 

That won’t change in 2022, in fact, we’ll be looking to make them even more multifaceted, with rooms in our houses doubling and tripling up as different things. 

To give you an example, your guest room won’t be just somewhere for friends to crash for the night. It could have a Peloton in it for keeping yourself fit and a foldaway desk so that you can regularly work from home. As for your conservatory, make it a space for both relaxing and entertaining through the days and nights.

A lady exercising

Grandmillennial style

Most of us have sought a little bit of comfort to offset the strain caused by the pandemic and our homes are where we’ve turned to for it. 

Can you recollect how comfortable you used to feel in your Grandma’s house? Many people in their mid-20’s to late 30’s are looking to recreate that feeling in their own homes, what’s been termed as the Grandmillennial style. 

It’s quite an easy theme to jump on-board with and will establish a rather serene indoor environment. Without cluttering the place as much as Grandma’s used to be, display family mementos, install floral prints and any Chinoiserie you can find or have stored in the loft.

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It’s not ‘all white’

At a time like this, you need colours in your house that give it life and white isn’t one of them – often, it can leave an interior feeling quite cold. Be experimental with your choices. 

After it was announced that “Very Peri” would be the Pantone 2022 Colour of the Year, the periwinkle blue with rich violet undertones has been a finish that lots are looking to inject indoors. 

Our new-found appreciation for nature will also see earthy tones and colours, such as chocolate brown and terracotta, be the dominant colour in many living rooms and accompanying areas. Window treatments can carry these colours, as will leather sofas.

Very Peri, 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year

See the New Year as an opportunity to usher in a new era at your home, something that will keep those January blues at bay. 

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