Do Solid Roof Installations Need Planning Permission?

It’s only now that you’re having to spend more time indoors at home that you may wish you had done something to resolve the insulation issues you are experiencing with your conservatory. 

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The space your conservatory offers could be invaluable at a time like this and all it would take to rectify the problem and make it permanently cosy again would be to fit a replacement roof to it. 

Not to worry though. You can get one fitted once normality has resumed and use the intervening period to find out what is required to make it possible. 

Often, planning permission will be required, and there are other guidelines to consider:


  • To switch from a glass or polycarbonate translucent roof to a solid roof, you must obtain Building Regulatory Approval first. 


  • You will be in a stronger position to receive Building Regulatory Approval when you are using an approved solid roofing system, such as the UltraRoof 380. Not many solid roofs have the endorsement of Local Authority Building Control, but the UltraRoof 380 is one of them as they have pronounced it to be a safe and suitable building product. But you can still be ordered to make adjustments to approved systems by a Building Control Officer to bring it in line with the rules. For instance, the addition of trickle and roof vents may be demanded so that the new roof provides enough ventilation. 


  • The installation of a solid roof could cause a “change of use”. This is where a previously temporary structure becomes a permanent structure. When there is a “change of use”, planning permission will more than likely be needed. 


  • If you had to obtain planning approval to have the conservatory built in the first place, and it has a translucent roof, this will necessitate a planning application and full buildings application.


  • Did the conservatory also fall under Permitted Development Rights? If it did, those Permitted Development Rights may no longer if you have a solid roof installed, which will mean that you have to get planning permission before any work can begin. 


If you visit the LABC website, you will be able to get contact details for your local authority building control team who can offer lots of advice with regards to solid roof installations. 


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