How To Capture A Cosy Cottage Feel In Your Home

Cottage look and feel

When retreating indoors at your home, after being outside in the cold weather, what you want more than anything is lots of warmth and cosiness. 

You will be assured of that if you establish a cottage-feel in your property, which will make the freezing winter months fly by. 

It can be accomplished in any house type, from old Victorian terraces to super-modern homes, if you apply the right sort of touches, those typically found in any quaint cottage.

The feel: warm up your living environment

It’s vital that the inside of your home feels gloriously snug, without a hint of cold anywhere. 

Generate warmth by lighting your fire and put out thick blankets and throws on seated furniture that family members can use to wrap themselves in. You’ll only be able to shut out the cold if you have thermally efficient windows and doors. 

These windows and doors will keep the heat from the fire firmly trapped inside, which will allow you to minimise your heater usage. 

It also means that your energy bills won’t get out of hand, all while enjoying a wonderfully warm atmosphere.

Cottage window

The look: switch to the cottagecore aesthetic

Once you have the internal thermal comfort sorted, your decor needs to be changed to create a cottage-look. 

What better theme to implement than cottagecore? If you don’t know much about cottagecore, it is an aesthetic centred around what you would imagine life would be like living in a countryside cottage. It’s a theme that lots of householders have followed and emulated since the pandemic hit. 

Floral patterns are integral to the look and they’re simple to incorporate, doing so via soft furnishings such as curtains and valances, wallpaper and antique drawer knobs. 

You may also want to choose a pastel colour for any new windows and doors that get fitted and have Georgian bars included. Fill some jugs with water and pop fresh flowers into them, before displaying them on your window sills.

Cottage style home

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