Fortify Your Home: A Focus On Security For National Home Security Month

Fortify Your Home: A Focus On Security For National Home Security Month

As the days grow shorter, the threat of home burglaries on the rise becomes all too apparent. The urgency of home security during the Autumn months is underscored by a survey conducted by security experts, ADT, which reveals that 76.5% of homeowners are increasingly concerned about their safety during this season.

Despite this heightened awareness, burglary rates persist disappointingly high in numerous areas across the country. In response to this alarming reality, October has been designated as National Home Security Month, an annual campaign that was initiated back in 2013.

You can utilise their postcode checker to assess the safety of your neighbourhood, but it is imperative to understand that even the slightest inkling of poor security in your home warrants immediate action.

A key element in safeguarding your home lies in the selection of the right security features, and both windows and doors play a pivotal role in this.


Doors are the essential gateways to our homes, and it’s no secret that burglars are acutely aware of this fact. Astonishingly, 76% of domestic burglaries in England and Wales involve intruders gaining access through a door, as revealed by data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

A common tactic employed by burglars is lock snapping, which allows them to manipulate doors and gain unauthorised entry. Door cylinders that extend beyond the depth of a mere £1 coin are particularly vulnerable to this method. To fortify your home’s security, it’s crucial to inspect your door cylinders for this vulnerability.

Within our extensive selection of replacement doors, you’ll discover composite doors equipped with 3-star locking cylinders, boasting the highest security rating to fend off intrusion attempts. These cylinders adhere to the stringent standards of PAS 24, TS007, and Building Regulations Part Q, ensuring that your home’s primary entry points are safeguarded against potential threats.

Black front door with silver hardware


Windows present yet another vulnerability in your home’s security, and Office for National Statistics (ONS) data highlights that 30% of burglaries involve intruders gaining access through a window. Burglars often employ tools like screwdrivers, chisels, or bars to leverage open a window, or they may attempt to forcefully remove the glazed unit.

At TWC, we take window security seriously. Our UPVC windows are expertly designed to thwart these intrusion attempts with a comprehensive 9-point locking system, featuring two high compression bolts and heavy-duty ‘Herculean’ hinges. Furthermore, we’ve incorporated an internal beading on the glass in our UPVC windows, rendering it nearly impossible for anyone to remove the panes from the outside.

Our commitment to security extends to our aluminium windows as well. These windows feature a high-security bead that acts as an additional barrier, preventing the sealed unit from being forced out externally. Rest assured, your windows are equipped with the utmost security features to protect your home and loved ones.

Anthracite Grey windows

Feature Doors

When it comes to bolstering home security, it’s essential to consider more than just your front and back doors and windows. Feature doors, such as French doors, patio doors, and bi-folding doors, also demand your attention.

These feature doors can be alluring entry points for would-be burglars, making it imperative to ensure their security. One common tactic employed by intruders is leveraging these doors open, and this task becomes significantly easier if the locking mechanisms are subpar.

To address this security concern, TWC offers a comprehensive range of feature doors equipped with robust locking systems. These doors are specifically designed to provide enhanced security, acting as a strong deterrent to potential intruders.

French doors connecting a home to the patio

As National Home Security Month serves as a timely reminder to prioritise the safety of your home, your choices regarding doors, windows, and feature doors play a pivotal role in fortifying your home against potential threats. To learn more about our cutting-edge security features, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today.


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