TWC’s Guide To Buying New Windows For Your Home

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

It’s very easy to underappreciate your windows as you kind of just take them for granted and expect them to do their job. 

It’s a big job though, when you think about it, as windows have to keep you well-protected indoors, protect you from the elements, show off your home in a good light, and offer the sun a way inside so that your rooms aren’t left in the dark. 

Putting it into perspective like that may have led you to conclude that you could do with some new windows, as your current ones aren’t fulfilling some, or all, of these roles like they once did. 

Well, you’ve certainly arrived at the right place for replacement windows, and we can provide expert advice on getting them:

Window style

What window style do you have at the moment? You could get the same style if you are worried about doing something too drastic, or opt for a new style of window. 

There are many window styles and the most famous of them tends to be casement windows (rightly labelled a “classic”), bay and bow windows (often seen in period properties) and tilt and turn windows (how they operate simplifies ventilation and cleaning them). 

Keep in mind the age of the house too and area when selecting a style.

A kitchen window

Window material

You will find that UPVC and aluminium are the two building materials most commonly used in window manufacturing, and with good reason. 

UPVC windows are so low-maintenance and a brilliant insulator, so they’ll keep your energy bills nice and low, and keep you cosy. They’re fantastic value for money for what they cost. 

Aluminium windows look so classy, from the sleek frame, to the wealth of glass housed within it. And then there’s the powder-coated finish, which is just stunning to look at.

An oak coloured window

Window installer

There is no shortage of potential window suppliers and installers in this region, and you want one who will provide a quality product and an installation that meets approved standards. 

The easiest way to find installers is to do an online search, and you should also be able to view reviews of them when you do that, enabling you to read up on their work. 

You don’t need to doubt TWC as we have been in this industry for many years and have made lots of customers very happy.

A window fitter

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