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Why You Should Invest In An Orangery This Summer

Frankly, there’s never a bad time to buy an orangery, but now would be a good time to go out and get one so that you can fully adjust to the extension before the year is over.

Modern Glass Roof Orangery With Patio Doors

We aren’t overplaying things when saying that it can take a few months to get used to orangery living, but once you have, it will have become second nature to head for this luxurious space, more so than any other room in the house.

Best described as a cross between a conservatory and traditional bricks and mortar extension, an orangery will look like an original part of your property after being integrated into it by our team.

Other than having to acclimatise to it, why else shouldn’t you wait a second longer to secure an orangery?

Place for the kids

It’s a bit too late to have it fitted and ready for this year’s school holidays, but to keep your kids occupied while they’re off in the future, you can designate the orangery as a playroom.

They can take to their consoles in there and invite friends over to join in with any gaming, while you enjoy a little peace and quiet elsewhere in the house.

Night-time dining

After you’ve sent the kids up to bed, you can also ask your friends round and see if they’d like to settle down to dinner through till sunset and to the point where you’re all sitting underneath the stars.

It’ll give you a good excuse to get the barbecue out and plate up those bangers and burgers indoors so that you can chew the fat (not literally) in the most special of settings.

Thermal comfort

Unless you know about modern orangeries, you may think it’s madness to be buying an orangery at this time of the year, thinking that it will overheat. Wrong!

If you get one of our tiled roof orangeries, we promise you that it will offer internal comfort even in the midst of a heatwave. The roofing system and thermally efficient glass can keep excess warmth out.


Do you find yourself nodding in agreement with TWC that summer seems the right time to add an orangery? In that case, you need to ask us for a FREE quote.

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