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Take A Look At Our Sliding Sash Windows

There are some window styles that are so characterful and distinctive you have to be particularly sympathetic when replacing them in order to preserve the traditional aesthetics of a residence. Sliding sash windows are a good example of this.

Sliding Sash Windows

We are appreciative of the importance that any vertical sliding sash windows we fit for customers must have a strong likeness to the windows they’re replacing and they always do. Traditional vertical sliding sash windows informed the design of our own take on this classic window offering.

The proportions are virtually the same and we have obviously retained the two sliding panes. You can also add Georgian bars to the panes of glass (in a layout of your choosing) and sash horns for extra authenticity.

Our vertical sliding sash windows are bought by people living in various house styles, from period farmhouses to modern townhouses. We tailor them for each individual installation.

There are though some contrasts between a traditional vertical sliding sash window and our own version of it. The main one is that we don’t use timber to manufacture the window frame, not that you would notice from seeing it as it could be mistaken for a wooden window in terms of how it looks.

UPVC is our chosen window material, predominantly due to it being much lower maintenance than timber and more resilient in the long-term.

What little maintenance there is just consists of wiping the frame with a wet cloth every so often, and in any case, the panes can be tilted inwards for safe cleaning inside the house – if only it were that simple to keep a timber vertical sliding sash window looking its best.  

UPVC is also a far better insulator than wood.

A previously draughty home will feel considerably warmer once our vertical sliding sash windows have been integrated, resulting in cheaper energy bills for the householder too.

Come and see why so many homeowners in Swindon have fallen for our sliding sash windows at our impressive showroom.



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