How Old Is Your Door? Keep Your Home Secure With Our Tips

The windows and doors you have fitted to your home are what help to keep it secure, or at least that’s what they should do.

White UPVC Frames & Security Lock

A good number of home burglaries occur in the UK because householders have been too lackadaisical about their home security and they end up paying a heavy price for it.

Don’t allow your home to be the next victim of theft and check that your windows, and particularly your front door, and any rear doors, are still secure enough to keep thieves out. If you detect the slightest bit of give in your doors when they’re locked, they’re probably quite old doors and need replacing immediately.

TWC can supply and install a UPVC door, or composite door, with a tremendous tough frame and secure locking mechanism that’s practically impossible to snap.

After upgrading your windows and / or doors, here’s how else you can make your home more secure…

Install a quality alarm system

Amazingly, three quarters of UK homes don’t have a security alarm. That’s an incredible statistic when you consider that home burglaries are on the rise.

A quality modern alarm system will be able to sense when an attack is made on your home and alert you audibly and / or via one of your mobile devices. It could easily make a thief think twice about going through with an attack, but if it doesn’t, it will enhance the chances of stopping them in their tracks.

Organise a house-sitter

It’s about this time of year that your thoughts turn towards your holidays. If you are heading somewhere hot for a week or two, don’t leave your house unoccupied for the duration of your travels.

Ask a close friend, family member or trusted neighbour to call into the house a couple of times of day to open and close your curtains, remove post etc. or if they’re able to, invite them to stay. It will provide you with so much peace of mind knowing that your home is being looked after in your absence.

Fit outdoor security lighting

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the majority of home burglaries occur at night – thieves seize their opportunity to strike once it goes dark.

They’re far less likely to be successful when you have security lights fitted with motion sensors that switch on when they trigger outside movement nearby. They will put you on red alert when they kick into action and could expose the deceitful intentions of a robber before they’ve even had a chance to strike.


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