Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Is Right For You?

Has the beginning of a brand New Year given you the urge to create a better home for you and your family? There’s no place like home and it is important that you enjoy home living to the absolute maximum.

Lantern Roof Orangery With LED Lighting

If you don’t find yourself racing to get home after a day at work something needs to be done about it and we are a big advocate of installing an orangery or conservatory to reignite your love for being at home.

You obviously can’t have both extensions; it’s either one or the other! Which one will it be? If you’re unsure, perhaps our mini-guide to orangeries and conservatories will help you decide.


Customers regularly ask us “what is the difference between an orangery and conservatory?” The biggest giveaway that you’re looking at an orangery and not a conservatory is the amount of brickwork used in its design from the base to the walls. A typical orangery also has an immense roof covering best known as a ‘Lantern Roof’ and long portions of glazing within the little bit of visible framework.

For some people, once a brick-built orangery is integrated into a house it looks more of a natural extension than a conservatory and it’s partly because the bricks used to build the orangery will be similar in appearance to the brickwork of the respective property.

You won’t get the same quantity of natural light coming into an orangery like you do in a conservatory, but you might not view that as a bad thing as it affords you more privacy.


You get a heck of a lot of glass for your money when buying a conservatory which makes it the perfect setting for sitting in comfortably and admiring your garden and the rest of the outside world in near full view.

The conservatories of today are far different to the very first examples of this structure as back then they were constructed with the sole purpose of the building being a place where plants and herbs could grow. A conservatory in the present-day is used as everything from a luxury dining space to a personal gym and it thanks to the thermal efficiency offered by the glass and roofing system that this is possible.

Modern technology has also allowed there to be a wide range of conservatory styles to be developed, many of which are available in our extensive line of conservatories. One conservatory style, the Lean-To, enables you to extend a bungalow as it’s cutely compact, yet still offers a good volume of floor space.


A final call can be made on whether an orangery or conservatory most floats you boat down at our Swindon showroom where we showcase several examples.




Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Swindon or Oxford showroom, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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