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Open Up Your Home This Summer With Bi-Folding Doors

Summer will be gone in the blink of an eye, so you should take every opportunity to enjoy the nice weather whilst it’s still here, especially when you’re not working and just chilling out at home.

Tiled Roof Orangery with Bi-Folding Doors

How better to do that than install a set of bi-folding doors in a currently unused section of wall space that adjoins your house to your garden?

Opening out the property in this fashion will make the indoors collide with the outdoors like you never could imagine! It will be like living in a totally different home.

A door like no other

We craft our bi-folding doors from aluminium which explains why the individual door leafs each have the most incredibly slight frames and are able to accommodate so much glass. This favouring of glasswork over framework creates the most amazing glazed façade when the doors are collectively shut, to the point where you could easily overlook that the frames are there.

They can consist of as little as two doors, up to a maximum of seven, so there’s plenty of scope to add some where you live. The first time you see them in action you will be mesmerised.

Using the handle as the mechanism for pushing them open, they fold in unison and then glide until they reach the end of the track, when like a concertina each door leaf sits behind the other. At this point, you’re left with a huge opening, far bigger than the opening left behind by most doors when they’re fully ajar.

Suitable for extensions too

Where possible, bi-folding doors can also be incorporated into different types of home extension, including conservatories and orangeries.

If you have an extension that faces out on to your garden, it makes sense to take advantage of it more and a bi-folding door will certainly provide you with that luxury.

The garden will become an extension of the extension when the doors are opened, and the extension, well, you know the rest!

Only settle for the best bi-folds

You won’t find better quality bi-folds anywhere else and you will believe that after putting them through a close inspection. That can be done at our Swindon showroom – you won’t want another summer without a set of them.


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