3 Home Improvement Projects That Can Potentially Affect Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

It’s always wise to investigate ways of improving your home and then implementing the best ideas that you come up with.

We supplied you with some up-to-the-minute ideas of what you could do this year to turn your home into a fashionable space in a recent blog post

Whether you use these ideas or your own ideas, or a combination of the two, the overarching aims should be to enhance its look, and also enhance its value. 

Steer clear of any ‘improvements’ that could diminish its value, such as these:

Removing a bedroom space

The number of family members living in your house may have reduced due to a child leaving for University or buying their own place, leaving you with an empty bedroom, or two. 

If you get very little use out of any spare bedroom, don’t think about getting rid of the space by knocking it through to extend another area of the building. 

You’re fine to modify its usage to suit your needs, but it should be done so that it can always go back to being a bedroom.


Too much re-carpeting

It’s not a good look having worn-out carpets covering your floors, or carpets blighted by visible marks and stains. 

You would be entirely right to replace any untidy carpeting where it’s really necessary, but taking it as an opportunity to re-carpet the whole house may not be the wisest move. 

Wall-to-wall carpet isn’t to the liking of everyone and it could prove costly for a future buyer to replace it all if it’s not to their taste.

Carpeted area

Taking out a garden lawn

After the pandemic, there is an added urge for garden space amongst house buyers now as people want an outdoor area they can enjoy.

Keeping that in mind, we wouldn’t advise removing a garden lawn, even if you have grown tired of mowing and manicuring it repeatedly during the summer months. 

If you are hellbent on putting an end to the upkeep of a lawn, you could always swap your existing lawn for an artificial patch of grass.

Garden swing

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