How A Front Door Can Be Made Insta-Worthy

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

Some front doors really captivate you, and when they do, it’s often enough to make you totally fall in love with a house. 

To see some examples of what we’re talking about, just head onto Instagram and use either of these hashtags – #frontdoor and #frontdoors. 

The moment you do, you will see some of the most stunning front doors from around the world, which is why their owners have posted pictures of them on the social media platform. 

If you want an Insta-worthy front door too, it’s more than achievable, if you take on-board our advice:

Coloured finish

What often makes a front door catch the eye most is its colour, so give the finish some serious thought before you go out and buy a new door or repaint your old one. 

The three most popular door colours tend to be black, white and grey, but there are plenty of front doors in the UK finished in bright colours such as Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue and Aubergine. 

We’ve even spotted a few pink doors on some streets, which, unsurprisingly, are a very acquired taste.

A purple front door

Door wreath

To trigger lots of ‘likes’, you’re probably going to need to display a door wreath on your entrance, like so many Instagrammers like to do. 

If you have the time and decent crafting skills, you could try and create your own door wreath, following an instruction video online to help you do it, or just get a ready-made door wreath, either fake or real. 

When making or buying a summer wreath, it ought to have summer colours in it, such as pink, orange and red.

A door wreath


Not only do you see a door wreath on the most-liked front doors, but many of them also have planters at either side of the door. 

By far and away, the most popular planters are twin potted bay trees, which really do make a front door look the part and smart. They add so much elegance. 

You will need to water your twin potted bay trees fairly regularly to keep them flourishing and full of colour, and they may need pruning too.

A black front door

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