Composite vs UPVC Doors: Which Should You Choose?

It is of course vital that your front entrance does a successful job of keeping your home suitably protected, but it is equally fundamental that it has a styling that makes nothing but a positive contribution to its aesthetics.

Golden Oak Composite Door

If wear and tear is starting to get the better of your front door, you mustn’t sit back and let it ruin your home’s look. You need to take action and replace it as quickly as you can.

The two biggest-selling replacement doors are UPVC doors and composite doors. It’s very difficult to advise you to buy one over the other as they can both make a massive difference once integrated into your front entranceway.

Before committing to either door solution, find out how they both fare when it comes to aesthetics, cost and security.


They’re called ‘composite’ doors as various materials are used to manufacture this particular type of door frame, and if you weren’t aware, UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

A composite door consists of a certain amount of wood and that won’t come as a surprise when you see a composite design in person as it looks remarkably like an authentic wooden door. But, a composite door won’t age at all over time and requires far less maintenance than a full timber equivalent.

UPVC doors have a very different appearance and certain sheen to them due to the use of plastic. That may sound a little unattractive, but UPVC doors can be stylish and nowadays are available in multiple colours, not just your standard whites and blacks.


For a lot of people, cost will be the decisive factor when buying a new door and UPVC doors are more inexpensive than composite doors. That doesn’t mean you should immediately dismiss the idea of investing in a composite door as it will provide you with long-term value for money, especially because of its enduring strength.

Replacing your old door for a UPVC or composite door will also save you an enormous amount of money as they both offer superb thermal performance and will significantly cut the cost of your energy bills. You could easily eventually get the money you paid for the door back via the energy cost savings made.


There is no doubt that a new UPVC or composite door will hugely improve your home security as they’re both very resilient, particularly a composite door.

It’s the amalgamation of wood, UPVC and the Glass Reinforced Plastic that makes composite doors unbelievably tough and both doors are complemented with a multi-point locking mechanism – breaking the lock is a near impossible job. The installation of either door solution will give you extra confidence about leaving your home empty.


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