How To Get Your Home Looking Suitably Festive This Christmas

Christmas decorations have been popping up really early this year and no-one could blame people for wanting some festive cheer after what’s been an underwhelming 2020. 

Are yours up yet? With not long left until the big day, we would hope so. But if they’re not, there’s still time. 

Do it as a family, all wearing your best Christmas jumpers, of course. 

And when you get to organising it, feel free to pinch these on-trend decorating ideas to make your home a cute Christmassy sight:

Hang an upside-down Christmas tree

Things have been turned on their head this year, and this includes our Christmas trees, with the upside-down Christmas tree being a big thing.  

If you follow Ariana Grande on social media, you will have seen that she’s done what was originally a religious idea in the Middle Ages.

In response to this trend, many online retailers have started stocking them, of them being Christmas Tree World, so get one bought quickly.

Light up your staircase

When putting fairy lights in your windows and around, or near your front door, also add some lights to your stairs, which you could do with a garland. 

There are all-natural garlands you can get that have lights included in them, and can span the distance of your bannister, either on top of it or along the bottom of it. Your stair rails could also have little garlands twisted around them. 

As for the steps that lead up to your upper floor, place small Christmas boxes in their corners. 

Wrap your front door

Hanging a wreath to doors has been a long-held tradition, but the newest tradition is to wrap a front door to make it look like a Christmas present. 

It doesn’t involve much work and just needs some fabric, scissors, a large bow, a heavy duty magnet and some duct tape. 

The fabric needs to be cut to size, so measure the door thoroughly, and then wrap the door with it and tape it down. You use the heavy duty magnet to hold the bow in place.

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