How To Give Your Living Space A Lift With Colour

How to use colour to enhance your home

We cannot wait until the colours of spring begin to appear. Some of them have started to emerge, but it won’t be until the clocks go forward that they really flourish. 

Do you have lots of colour in your home both internally and externally? If not, why not? You need some colour during these dark winter months.

TWC can give you a steer on how to introduce some impactful colour in differing ways.

Colourful windows & doors

Colour is an amazingly powerful thing. Being exposed to it can improve our frame of mind, and the use of certain colour schemes can make small rooms feel bigger than they actually are. 

Organise the installation of brightly coloured windows and doors to give your living room an aesthetic boost, or just change window treatments – how about switching to patterned curtains or some new vibrant blinds? 

White isn’t suited to the winter months as you ideally need something warmer than that. A red hue would do the job nicely, such as Mahogany, which you can stipulate as the finish for your new windows and doors.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful paint

A quick paint job could be enough on its own to revitalise the look of certain things e.g. an ageing cabinet, old TV stand or a plain feature wall, particularly if you choose a finish that’s entirely different to cream, magnolia or ivory. 

Don’t be brash though and go for colours that totally oppose each other – you won’t come across many examples of canary yellow successfully complementing sky blue. 

To find two colours that will work together, take a look at the colour wheel. You will see that most adjacent colours will match nicely, including the adjoining colours of blue, green and cyan, which will create a beautifully tranquil ambience.

A kitchen area

Colourful accessories

Worried about making an incorrect colour choice? Avoid that scenario by experimenting with colour instead, introducing new shades with your pick of soft furnishings e.g. cushions, rugs and blankets. 

This will make it easier to revert to another colour scheme if you don’t like what you see as changing home accessories is simpler than totally reversing a large-scale colour change.

A bedroom area

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