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3 Of The Best Ways A Home Can Be Improved For Winter

It’s been a very strange year, a year when we have seen far more of our homes than we could possibly have expected. And with winter fast approaching, and the weather cooling, much more of our time, over the coming months, will be spent at home. 

You could catch cabin fever if you don’t keep occupied, so use the time to organise some home improvements and achieve a new-look and feel for the house. 

It will be worth the physical and financial investment as the improvements made could increase your home’s valuation, and you will feel like you’ve achieved something. 

Look at making changes that will specifically improve your quality of home life in winter, such as these 3 ideas:

Install new carpet

Putting down some new flooring will refresh the appearance of a living space, and the warmest option of the many flooring types is definitely carpet. A thick, pure-wool carpet will provide the most comfort. 

Offering a high standard of insulation, the carpet will provide exceptional heat retention, and with that, you can expect a less costly energy bill. It will also be good at absorbing sound, which will minimise the impact of noise.

Redecorate your walls

You often don’t need to go to laborious lengths to modernise a room. Sometimes, a fresh lick of paint is all that’s needed to revive those four walls. It won’t take long to do if there’s a few people involved, and it’s a cheap, but really effective, trick of modifying internal spaces. 

But just before you rush to use a roller, wait until a dry day to repaint so that you can open some windows to help the paint dry more quickly and allow any fumes from it to escape.

Invest in windows and doors

You will only be able to keep the winter weather out of your home if you have an energy efficient set of windows and doors. Otherwise, it will be hit by draughts and cold spots, and you will be too dependent on your heating to keep warm. 

Windows and doors that are over a decade old are unlikely to be insulating your home to a sufficient standard, and should be replaced as a matter of urgency.

TWC has every sort of replacement windows and doors that you could want. Request a copy of our Windows & Doors brochure to view the full range.

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