Which Will Suit Your Home More – A Conservatory Or Orangery?

The extended time you had at home over the lockdown period may have made you realise that you need more space. When a big family is all crammed together in a smallish household, it’s no fun, and everyone tends to feel as though they’re living on top of each other. 

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Now that home extension specialists, like TWC, are installing again, you can have a look into getting a conservatory or orangery fitted to permanently solve the issue. 

With the technology we have at our disposal, you can have a customised extension that caters for your every need. 

In all likelihood, you will choose either a conservatory or orangery. Not sure which is the best option? Understanding them both better will make the decision easier. 


There is very little distinction between some conservatories and orangeries, but what will giveaway the conservatory is the sloped or angled roof it has. You will also find that conservatories have more glazed facets than orangeries, which is why they often feel brighter internally. 

The vast majority of traditional conservatories are built with either a dwarf wall or one solid wall, and feature either a glass or polycarbonate roof. Your more modern conservatory usually incorporates a solid tiled roof covering, created using lightweight tiles or slates. 

In terms of cost, conservatories are less expensive than orangeries, primarily because of them not using as much brickwork and having a less expansive roof. 


Orangeries have actually been around for longer than conservatories. The first orangery was built in the 17th Century by the Italians. 

Offering a more enclosed space than a conservatory, your standard orangery features a central roof lantern, which will consist of less than 75% of glass. 

Configured into a square or rectangular formation, the structure is supported by multiple columns, and similar to many 18th Century buildings, it has pilasters and a shallow pitched roof. 

When observed on the inside, you will see that it’s beautifully plastered and has an internal pelmet running around the perimeter ceiling, which is where you can integrate spotlights or downlighters so that you can illuminate the space at night. 

Many are of the opinion that adding an orangery onto a house looks more natural than doing the same with a conservatory. 

Private Showroom Appointments are being offered by TWC if you wish to see a selection of fully-installed conservatories and orangeries to help you make up your mind.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Swindon or Oxford showroom, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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