Modern Or Traditional – Which Replacement Window Style Will Best Suit Your Home?

New replacement windows can completely revitalise the face of your home and change the perceptions of people that come to visit. We use the word “can” as it’s vital that you invest in the right sort of replacement windows.

Heritage Windows

There have never been so many different window styles available, as TWC can account for, so there’s something for every property type out there, modern or traditional, if you explore all of the options. It is important that the window you choose suits its surroundings and fits in with the character of the property for the project to be declared a success.

To accomplish this, it helps to have a little background knowledge of some of the foremost window designs you will come across at companies like ours.

UPVC Extreme Windows

If you want security as much as style, our UPVC extreme windows could be what you’re looking for as they are no ordinary UPVC windows!

“Extreme” UPVC windows offer you extreme window protection as they have a 9-point locking system incorporating two high compression hinge bolts.

They’re also fully-approved by the Police and have subsequently received their much coveted Secured by Design standard. The rigidity of the UPVC frame is extremely tough too.

Flush Casement Windows

The flush casement window was most popular in the 17th and 18th centuries and features openers that close into the frame and finish flush with it.

It has enjoyed a widespread renaissance in recent times thanks to products like Envisage – our modern recreation of a traditional flush casement window.  

The detailing is practically the same, inside and outside, but we have ensured that Envisage has everything needed to provide exceptional contemporary window performance in terms of security and thermal efficiency.

Sliding Sash Windows

Like the flush casement window, sliding sash windows have existed for several centuries and just how they were originally developed, they contain a sliding mechanism that allows the one or more movable sashes to open.

The main update has been the transition from timber to UPVC manufacture as UPVC is a material that offers better all-round performance.

Anyone that loves traditional window styling will be taken with the appearance of sliding sash windows and they tend to complement old-style residences particularly well.

Residence 9

For a premium luxury window system that imitates 19th Century flush sash timber windows, Residence 9 is the answer.

These Heritage windows have all the hallmarks of a wooden sash window in design, even down to the colour choices as you can select from several authentic finishes.

Their aged effect shouldn’t be misconstrued for them only being suitable for vintage homes as they can be just as apt for up-to-the-minute households.


The best way to judge which modern or traditional window will work best for where you live will be to see them in the natural environment of our Swindon showroom.



Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Swindon or Oxford showroom, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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