Modern Trends For Your Entrance

How to modernise your entrance

Giving guests to your home an impressive first impression is important. The first thing guests see is the front entrance and there are a number of ways to spruce it up.

Modernising the entrance to your home can not only add valuation, but will also give visitors as well as family members a warm welcome each time they step into your home.

Invest in a new door

The number one way to give your entrance a more modern look is by upgrading your dated front door with one of TWC’s new stylish offerings.

Investing in a new door will give your home a modern flare that will enhance your property’s exterior and be sure to turn heads in the neighbourhood.

You can use different colour choices to obtain the exact look for your home’s entrance. For example, a white front door has more of a traditional feel to it, but if you desire a more contemporary look then you could choose grey. Additionally, there is an option for a dual-coloured door which can give the exterior of your home a different feel from the interior.

Wide range of colours

Add greenery

There are options to enhance the exterior of your home’s entrance without breaking the bank. A perfect first step is by framing your doorway with plants.

A modern, on-trend look is to plant potted topiary trees on both sides of your door. These can be manicured in different shapes or styles to fit the look you want.

When thinking of a modern look for your new, spruced up entrance to your home it is important to stay away from over complicating things. Minimalism is key when planning your new entrance, so two plants with one on either side of your doorway is perfect.

Dress your door

Accessorise your front door

At TWC, you can find a wide array of on-trend accessories for your front door including unique handles and knockers to add to its kerb appeal.

The modern trend for door knockers is simplicity such as a chrome ring or bar. Quirky traditional door knockers which may be shaped like animals are not the look you want for a contemporary feel.

One on-trend accessory for the front of your home are oversized number plates that can be hung on your door or next to it on the wall which will certainly give your home a modern twist.

Finishing touches

The key to achieving a modern entrance to your home is to remember simplicity. An on-trend colour finish, a uniquely manicured plant and contemporary hardware can make a statement to guests and passer-bys.

No matter whether you are interested in a modern look or a more traditional one, you are sure to find what you are looking for at TWC. Click here to obtain a quote for energy efficient, stylish and secure doors.


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