3 Benefits Of Our Energy Efficient Double And Triple Glazed Windows

There are a surprising number of homes both locally and nationally that still have their original single glazed windows.

Heritage Windows

Some of these single glazed windows remain in place with good reason as they may be integrated into a property situated within a conservation area or a Listed Building – it can be complicated replacing windows in these circumstances.

But what about the rest of the people that have yet to upgrade to energy efficient double or triple glazed windows?

We can’t speak for them, but we can tell them that they’re missing out on 3 major benefits by not switching window systems.

Cheaper energy bills

Energy costs are mounting up for millions of householders and it’s because a lot of them have windows that offer poor insulation – heat loss is a big cause of fuel bills spiralling out of control.

Double and triple glazed windows with a high energy rating offer a far greater level of thermal performance than your bog-standard single glazed window. Far less heat loss will occur and more warm air from the boiler will be kept in, improving internal comfort and reducing your reliance on your energy system, cutting the cost of energy bills in the process.

Lower carbon footprint

The effects of climate change are becoming ever more concerning. We all need to do more to reduce our carbon footprints at home to protect the planet from potential catastrophe and the installation of energy efficient windows will do that.

The consumption of fewer natural resources i.e. gas will be better for the world and you should get a kick out of knowing that you’re doing your bit to save Mother Earth.

Increase house valuation

House buyers have become more energy-savvy when viewing prospective new homes and the energy rating of a house will be stated on the property’s listing. If it has an overall energy rating below ‘C’ it could put off people as they won’t want to move into a cold home or have to pay for new energy efficient windows themselves.

Seeing to the installation of energy efficient double or triple glazed windows yourself prior to putting the place on the market could increase the resale cost of the house and make it more sellable.


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