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How A Composite Door Can Impact Your Thermal Efficiency

The past week or so has been a reminder to us all that winter hasn’t ended quite yet and we could be in for a few more chilly weeks. No imminent upturn in the weather will come as a blow to any householder living in a property with a front door and / or back door that offers little or no protection from the elements outside.  

Oak Composite Door

It’s a situation they don’t need to be in as weather protection can be established at any front or rear entranceway with the installation of a composite door.

First developed in the 1990’s, the composite door is manufactured from several materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). As a consequence of that, it has a very dense door frame (44mm thick) and offers superb thermal insulation.

In accordance with UK building regulations, a replacement door needs to have a U-Value of at least 1.8 W/m² and a composite door easily exceeds that thermal standard. Once fully integrated, any draughts or coldness previously felt coming through an old door will completely disappear and it’ll leave a hallway feeling so much warmer.

No longer having to offset draughts with excessive heating usage will also help reduce the cost of energy costs and much of the money saved helps you get back what it costs to buy a composite door.  

TWC subjects all of its composite doors to hurricane-like simulations to check that they can handle the very worst weather conditions and they always come through these tests with flying colours. They do so without losing their appearance and that’s because the GRP skin is completely weather-resistant. Any traces of the weather can easily be wiped away from the frame in seconds using a wet cloth.

Put an end to the weather getting the upper hand on your home and beat it at its own game by commissioning the installation of a thermally efficient composite door from TWC. A FREE quote can be obtained here.











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