Did You Know We Have A 20 Year Guarantee On All Our Products?

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – you have read that headline right. TWC provides a 20 year guarantee with every single product we fit and install, which exceeds the industry standard by a decade.

Why is that so impressive? We encourage you to check out the websites of some of our competitors and you will discover for yourself that the vast majority of these rival companies only offer a guarantee lasting for 10 years, which is good, but not good enough in our eyes!

Not for a second do we underestimate how much faith a customer is placing in TWC when they invite our team to come and integrate a new lifestyle extension or new windows and doors at their home. So, the very least we can do in return for their belief in our home improvements and abilities is promise them an end product that will last for two decades or more.

We subject each of our products to a huge amount of testing before making them available to customers to ensure that they will last for as long as we say they will. Only once we’re completely satisfied that they will provide sufficient all-round performance for 20 years do we then make them available for sale.

They’re all fitted by a very adept team of installers and done so in accordance with current Building Regulations.

You’re covered in a crisis

It’s rare for a TWC product to fail inside that 20-year period, but it is not completely unknown, despite us being such a team of perfectionists.

If you ever experience any problems with something we’ve supplied during the guarantee period, at least you know it will be resolved at no charge, and we’ll be out to sort it quickly.


Apart from the 20 year guarantee given to them, our customers love TWC for other reasons too. Read our Customer Reviews page to see why else we are rated as the region’s favourite home improvement specialist.





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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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