3 Ways To Give Your Home More Buyer Appeal

3 Ways To Give Your Home More Buyer Appeal

We have sympathy for people who are looking to sell a house at the moment, as September saw a near 40% fall in the number of homes sold in this country, and Nationwide expects that house prices could well drop by 8-10% in 2023.

Even during these difficult times though, you could still definitely secure a sale if you’re ready to sell. You just have to ensure that you’re in a strong position to do it.

Here’s the preparation that will be required to enhance your chances of bagging a buyer.

Organise all important paperwork

House sales can collapse and they often happen during the conveyancing phase because a seller isn’t able to provide some vital piece of documentation to the prospective buyer.

So, check that you have all the paperwork that you might be asked for to avoid any heartache further down the line.

Land registry documents and an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for the house will be a must. If your windows have been replaced in the last few years or you have had an extension fitted, you will also need to supply a FENSA or CERTASS certificate and planning permission or building regulations certificates.

Paperwork on a table

Fill your home interior with light

A buyer will gain a better idea of what they could do to put their own stamp on the place if it has lots of roominess inside.

Light can be used to give the feeling of spaciousness, which can involve ensuring your windows are always properly clean and reflecting the light produced by the sun with a clever positioning of mirrors near to these windows.

We also advocate having lighter colour schemes in your various rooms, mending any broken lights, removing anything that blocks out light, rearranging your furniture into a layout that generates more floor space and getting a large sliding door or skylight fitted.

The interior of a house

Get new windows put in

Confirmation of the importance of having pretty windows was confirmed in a HomeOwners Alliance survey, in which 71% of respondents said that they regard “Windows in good condition (no signs of rot or flaking paint) as being the most vital kerb appeal feature.

If your windows look untidy because of a rotting or flaking finish, they urgently need replacing and we know just the place to get some quality replacements.

At TWC, all our UPVC and aluminium window designs have weather-resistant finishes, meaning that they won’t rot or flake, and that’s without you having to constantly maintain the colour and window frames.

The exterior of a house

You can’t afford to put off buying new windows if you need them and expect a swift sale of your house. Get them ordered, starting with requesting a quote.


Our made-to-measure windows and doors have the potential to change your home not just on the outside, but the inside too. From the very latest energy saving windows in maintenance free UPVC to a host of replacement doors – all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your home.


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