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Replacing Windows At Your Flat? Here Are Some Things To Be Aware Of

Are you fed up of the cold infiltrating your flat or concerned that your existing windows aren’t offering a sufficient level of protection? Before you have them replaced, you need to know that certain permissions have to be obtained for you to be able to lawfully install replacement windows from Hazlemere.

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If you own your flat, it is down to you to get the green light from your local authority and written permission from the freeholder and/or Management Company.

Only a tenant? You will need planning permission, landlord approval and permission from the Management Company.

Flats do not fall under Permitted Development Rights and planning permission is required as local councils wish to only see windows fitted that mimic the appearance of the windows they’re replacing. What you may consider to be an appropriate window replacement could be entirely different to the opinion of your local planning department.

You could be making a huge and very expensive mistake if you proceed with installing windows without planning permission. A Planning Enforcement Notice might be imposed and you will be liable for the cost of replacing the windows for replacement windows that the council feel are more befitting for the building.  

Failing to obtain permission from the Management Company for your choice of new windows when you’re a flat owner can also lead to a very major problem if you want to sell the flat. They may refuse to process the flat sale when they deem that the replacement windows you have installed aren’t suitable, and will only do so once they have been adequately replaced.

If you reside in a flat within a conservation area and it has an “Article 4” notice imposed on it, you will need a double planning permission. Why? The window material/finish and the window design itself must both comply with the Article 4 direction.

The best piece of advice we can give you if you’re looking to buy or rent a flat and don’t want such pitfalls, is to move into one where the very latest double glazed windows are already fitted

TWC has one of the most impressive window suites in the whole of Wiltshire, so when it comes to windows, we know what we’re talking about! See what we have to offer here.  

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