How To Improve The Security Of Your Property

It’s no coincidence that fewer daylight hours regularly leads to a rise in the number of home burglaries that take place. 

Thieves like to do their dirty work in the dark as they believe it gives them a better chance of successfully carrying out a break-in without getting caught. 

Your home could be on their hit-list this winter, so you need to be fully on your guard. 

October is National Home Security Month and the official website for this annual initiative has loads of home security advice to help you see thieves off. 

TWC can also throw in a few tips to take on-board:

Install a working alarm system

A burglary happens in the UK every 106 seconds, but that comes as little surprise when you find out that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm.

It’s incredible that so few homes are alarmed as you can get a dialler, bells-only, silent or wireless alarm for around £200, especially when the average home theft costs £3,000!

These alarms will alert you to any danger and could prove the difference between your home being ransacked or left completely untouched. They will be worth every penny.

Don’t leave out a spare key

You’re taking such a risk when you leave out a spare key for someone. How can you be sure that no-one is watching you when you put a key under a doormat or plant pot?

If someone were to gain entry into your house due to a spare key being left outside, it could invalidate your home insurance policy and leave you severely out of pocket. 

It’s far safer to get a spare key cut for anyone who needs one and hand it over to them in person. 

Get secure windows and doors fitted

Windows and doors are the most obvious route into a home, so yours need to have the resilience to stand firm, no matter what a thief tries to do to open them. 

To see if your windows and doors are secure enough, engage all of the locks and give each window and door a push test to see if they move too much. 

If they feel insecure, upgrade your windows and doors to double or triple glazed replacements, which will be internally glazed and have an advanced multi-point locking system. 

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