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Rise To The Challenge And #MakeOneChange This Month

You have been set a challenge for September! What is it? Well, it’s to #MakeOneChange at your home for National Home Improvement Month. 

One of the most unsettling findings to come out of the research carried out by the people behind National Home Improvement Month is that 56% of UK residents don’t love their home. 

That’s a very sad statistic and it might be true of you and your home. But making a single change could change that. 

What you do is entirely your choice, but we can offer some suggestions if you’re hard-pushed for ideas:

Revive your kitchen cabinets

Living rooms have fallen behind kitchens in the popularity stakes amongst most UK families. When at home, we’re usually all mostly in the kitchen, whether cooking up a meal or just having a chat with other family members. 

How’s your kitchen looking? If it looks a bit tired, rather than transform the whole room, you could just modernise your current kitchen cabinets. 

Do this with either a paintbrush or reface the cabinets to give them a brand-new finish. At the same time, you may also want to replace any ageing hardware (handles, pulls, knobs). 

Experiment with removable wallpaper

We’re not making this up. You can actually get removable wallpaper that you just apply to a wall and that sticks without the need for wallpaper paste, and then can peel off when you want to change to a different wallpaper design.

Just like with traditional wallpaper, removable wallpaper is available in all sorts of colours and patterns (art deco, geometric etc.) and you don’t have to be an expert decorator to put it up. 

Creating a feature wall in your master bedroom would be a good place to try it out. 

Make a bold entrance

We all want people to say nice things about our homes, you included. But for your home to earn praise, it needs a nice front entrance. 

An attractive front door is a must, so give it a good clean, if it needs it, or replace the door if its best days are behind it. Draw attention to the door with hanging baskets either side of it and by also adding an all-year-round wreath to the design. 

After you’ve done with your door, show your garden some love and get it looking immaculate for winter. 

To make the one change you have in mind may require the assistance of a home improvement expert, like TWC. We’d be up to the challenge! Just contact us and let us know how we can help. 

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