3 Things To Consider When Extending With A Conservatory

Things to think about when extending your home

You can get to a point at home where you have no other choice but to either extend the property or move. Of the two options, extending is very fashionable at the moment. 

We have two main products that you can use to extend your home, either a conservatory or orangery. 

They can both be provided in a variety of styles and colours, and can be used however you wish. 

But just before you go and get one fitted, the extension needs to be well-planned, with these 3 questions answered, amongst some others:

Will it need planning permission?

You won’t have to submit a planning application if the proposed single-storey extension meets the limits and conditions to be considered as a Permitted Development. 

You can check with your local authority whether you have Permitted Development Rights, or whether you will have to apply for planning permission. 

In addition to planning permission, might the extension require building regulations approval? This is something different, and can be clarified with your local building control officer.

An extension with planning permission

What is your budget?

It’s helpful for us to know how much money you can afford to pay for a home extension, so sit down and see what you can manage with your current finances. 

Use a calculator to work out a figure and once you have reached it, inform our team so that we can come up with some designs that meet the budget. 

We won’t go over your budget, as that wouldn’t be fair. The price you’re given at the beginning will be the final cost.

An extension with French doors

Is it likely to add value?

There wouldn’t be much point in getting an extension fitted if it didn’t increase the value of your property. 

Exactly how much its value will go up will be dependent on a number of factors, including what type of extension you opt for, its size, the depth of detail it has, and whereabouts you live. 

From projects we’ve completed in the past, we should be able to give you a decent indication of how much value you’ll get from the extension you have in mind.

A black and white conservatory

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