Choose A Home Improvement Company That Offers A Lengthy Guarantee

A lot can be determined about a home improvement company from the guarantee cover that they offer on their products and services.

Modern Glass Roof Orangery With Patio Doors

It is safe to say that those who offer a lengthy guarantee will take pride in their work, offer high quality products, and are willing to put right anything that may go wrong.

Most home improvement companies will provide a guarantee for 5 or 10 years, but on closer inspection offer very little protection. You can usually find a long list of clauses in the small print that mean they won’t actually fix anything without a hefty fee.

A company you can trust will outline the details clearly for you to see, so you know exactly where you stand. It’s also well known that products that move tend to fail more than products that don’t, it’s important to check that the guarantee offered also includes moving parts, after all, they are the most likely parts to cause problems later down the line.

True to the above information, TWC Home Improvements offer their customers with a guarantee for up to 20 years, a best in industry offer, with genuine cover on over all moving parts, as well as frames.

We are able to offer this comprehensive guarantee on a wide range of replacement windows, replacement doors and conservatories because we use only the best materials and components which have been selected for their inherent durability, and which are proven to withstand the test of time.

Let’s face it, windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries are not your everyday purchase and for most they are a considerable financial commitment. But over 20 years our products are a very affordable and truly sound investment that could actually end up paying for themselves when you consider the cost savings you’ll make on your heating bills, as a result of the improved energy efficiency or your home.


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